What Does Takuache Cuh Mean?

What is Tlacuache?

tlacuache m (plural tlacuaches) (Mexico) opossum Synonym: zarigüeya..

What does Tacuache Cuh mean?

Takuaches are some kind of American version of Mexican Buchones. I hope my answer is the one you are looking for, if is not, thenp robably yiu mean Tacuache or Tlacuache which means Opossum cuh. … It’s a Mexican animal known for looking like a half bear half rat.

What is a Takuache animal?

Probably the most misunderstood mammal in the country, the tlacuache is a marsupial that is mostly found scavenging through trash in people’s back yards. Its frightful size and funny appearance have earned it the scorn of many and the interest of few, since they can be easily mistaken for big rats.

What does Mamalona mean?

lazy personmamalona [f] PR CU derog. lazy person.

Is Armadillo a Spanish word?

Armadillo is a Spanish word meaning “little armored one.” Armadillos are the only living mammals that wear such shells.

What does Tejon mean in Spanish?

British English: badger /ˈbædʒə/ NOUN. A badger is a wild animal with a white head with two wide black stripes on it.

How do you get Takuache?

To become a takuache you have to hang out with takuache’s. The only type of pants you can buy or wear is true religion pants, your shoes they to be more than 15o. oo, and for shirts, they can be true religion or polo. Your truck has to be a Chevy Silverado and it has to be low and include bass speakers.

How do you say Takuache?

tacuacheSpanishDict Phonetic Alphabet (SPA) tah. – kwah. – cheh.International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) ta. – kwa. – tʃe.Spanish Alphabet (ABC) ta. – cua. – che.

What does Takashi mean in Spanish?

From Japanese 孝 (takashi) meaning “filial piety”, 隆 (takashi) meaning “noble, prosperous” or 崇 (takashi) meaning “esteem, honour, venerate”, as well as other kanji or kanji combinations that result in the same pronunciation.

Is a Tlacuache a possum?

Tlacuaches (opossums) are short-lived but smarter than most people imagine… Imagine “a monstrous beast with a snout like a fox, a tail like a marmoset, ears like a bat, hands like a man, and feet like an ape, bearing her whelps about with her in an outward belly much like a large bag or purse.”

How do you say possum in Spanish slang?

3 Answers. There are several different possibilities: zarigüeya, oposum, zorro (also means fox), zorro pelón, tlacuache, tlacuachi.

What does Puro mean?

Wiktionary. puro(Noun) A cigar, especially one of which all the tobacco originates from the same country.

Is Takuache a bad word?

orale: is a slang word (dicho) that is used all the time by mexicans everywhere to say something to the effect of “right on” or “hell yeah”. tacuache: often written (perhaps correctly) tlacuache. … in the slang world (and maybe it’s just used around these parts) it seems to be a name given to mexicans by mexicans.

Do possums have rabies?

Although an opossum has a relatively fearsome face and bear some resemblance to rats with their long tails, they are not generally dangerous. … They also rarely carry rabies, which is a concern especially for pet owners. Although they will bite and defend themselves, they are not considered much of a threat.

What is Takuache in English?

masculine noun (Caribbean) fib ⧫ lie. You may also like. English Quiz.

What does Mames mean?

Urbandictionary.com defines no mames as: Mexican slang that has 3 meanings: 1. it’s a vulgar or informal way to say “you’re kidding” 2.