Practicing Guigen Qigong In The Park - Beijing - Fire Element with Qigong Master Simon Blow. http://www.simonblowqigong.com

IN THIS VIDEO: Guigen Qigong - Fire Element.
The heart is the Emperor of the body according to the ancient TCM texts. It propels the blood to flow through the blood vessels and circulate through the body. It is also where the spirit resides.

The heart is also where the spirit resides. If the Emperor is in good spirits, harmony prevails throughout the whole kingdom, the body and the universe. Simon Blow Qigong China Qigong Study Tour Sept 2016 practising Guigen Qigo
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ng in the park in Beijing.

Benefits of Guigen Qigong Fire Element: This section can be used for problems in arms and shoulders, depression, heart, and lung conditions
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