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Did you know that over 70% of all tennis played in the USA is played on municipal courts? NETRESULTS was formed to help assist in even more tennis development at the lawn origins degree as well as to maintain a greater % of existing players. We have achieved these objectives with shows that is enjoyable and also all comprehensive activity for all degrees and ages. The dish for the success NETRESULTS has actually delighted in are; USPTA trained specialists, a well assumed out advertising and marketing plan, create vital partnerships within our area and also to create and also implement a traini
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ng style that's focus is fun as well as supplies physical fitness.
NETRESULTS Supervisor, David MacBurnie has been routing luxury private clubs since 1981. He has actually taken all Thirty Years of experience and success as well as has actually established a successful formula for producing high top quality educational programs along with a food selection of tasks varying from cost-free regular drop ins to hosting fundraising events for community causes. In today's ever changing, rapid paced world it is crucial to maintain the menu of programs and also activities fresh. Incorporating varied tasks with an instructional style that concentrates on high cardio, video games based finding out as well as supplies our clients with a vibrant program to appreciate.
Looking for a killer deal on a new stroller? Amazon has you covered! Right now, they’re offering the InStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller for just $65.51, normally $126.80.

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Buy 1 InStep Grand Safari Single Swivel Stroller (reg $126.80) $65.51
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Lentils may be tiny, but they pack in tons of nutrition. This superfood is part of the legume family because they grow in pods. According to the Mayo Clinic, these pebble-like legumes are high in fiber and protein and low in fat, making them a great substitute for meat. They are also rich in folate, iron, phosphorus and potassium. They cook up soft and tender and can be mixed in a variety of dishes or even served on their own.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many different types of lentils. Some of the most co
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mmon include red, brown, green and black. The different colors do taste different, so you may want to experiment with different types for various dishes. They also have differing textures and do not cook up the same way. Red lentils are the fastest to cook, but they lose their shape and become mush-like. Therefore, they are more popular for thickening soups and stews, for purees or for certain Indian dishes. The rest of the colors do tend to hold their shape and may be used in a variety of dishes.

They are easy to cook with and can often be a healthy substitute for meat in many different dishes. On the Nutrisystem plan, one-half cup of this superfood cooked counts as one SmartCarb. You’ll find that they are very hearty and can help you feel full and satisfied.

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Here are five great ways to fit lentils into your diet:

1. As a Soup

Lentils make a delicious addition to your soup recipes. If you’re looking for an easy recipe, try our Simple Lentil Soup, which also incorporates celery, carrots and onion in a tasty broth. Red lentils work best for thickening your soups or stews, while other color varieties will hold their shape and be more of a bean-like addition.

2. As Part of a Salad

Cooked lentils would make a great addition to some of your favorite salad recipes—significantly boosting the protein content without adding meat! Green lentils (also referred to as French lentils) have more of a nutty flavor and make a nice salad topper. But that’s not to say that lentils must only be used as a topping. You could make lentils your main ingredient, much like a bean salad, and plan the rest of your dish around this tasty legume.

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3. Mixed In

There are a lot of creative ways to mix this superfood into your favorite meals. We love the idea of adding lentils to omelets or even using them as a substitute for the meat used in burgers, tacos or stuffed peppers. It’s a great way to reduce your fat intake while still packing in the protein.

4. As a Dip or Spread

You can prepare this superfood as a spread in the same way that you puree chickpeas into hummus. Pureed lentil dips are a unique variation on your traditional hummus and bring a whole different flavor to the table.

Superfood Saturday: Why You Should Be Eating More Quinoa

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5. On Their Own

You can also prepare lentils as a delicious side dish to your main course. They can be prepared with various spices to add even more flavor. Lentils also mix well with veggies like bell peppers and onions to make a more robust side.

In the end, no matter how you choose to incorporate this superfood into your diet, you can feel good knowing that you’ve made a healthy choice that packs in plenty of nutrition!

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If he wanted to start a relationship with you, if he wanted to turn you into his girlfriend, if he wanted a serious commitment — then he would not keep you waiting. He would not go weeks without answering your texts. He would not send mixed signals that leave you wondering whether he is interested in dating you or whether he has only been stringing you along.

If he liked you, if he was attracted to you, if he couldn’t stop thinking about you — then he would text you back as soon as he ha
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d the time, because he would want to hear from you. He wouldn’t want to go another day, another hour, another minute without interacting with you. He would be dying to continue the conversation. He would be jumping at the sound of his notifications the same way you have been doing when his name appears on the screen.

If he felt the same way about you, if he got butterflies around you, if he was leaning towards falling in love with you — then would not be acting so distant. He would not ghost you for weeks at a time and then come popping back in your world with flirtatious comments. He would not bounce back and forth between acting like you are the center of his universe and acting like you are invisible. His behavior would not be this confusing. It would not be hard to figure out what he wanted. It would be obvious. You would know, just by looking into his eyes.

If he wanted you for more than an ego boost, more than a one-night stand, more than a friend — then he would answer your texts without making you wait three days. He would clear his schedule and invite you to hang out with him on weekends. He would make time for you. He would make an effort for you.

You have to accept that he doesn’t like you enough to put a title on your relationship, enough to rearrange his schedule to see you, enough to give you what you desperately want from him — either that or he is too lazy to put in the effort.

Either way, he is not someone worthy of your time. He is not the kind of person you should call your forever. He belongs in your past because he clearly has not made room for you in his future. You do not want to be stuck in a one-sided relationship where you are always offering more, helping more, loving more.

You deserve someone who meets you halfway. You are not supposed to settle for a relationship where you are unsure — of your worth and of his feelings for you.

Even though you like him, even though you cannot stop thinking about him, even though you would do anything to change his mind about you, you should let him go, because if he cannot even send a text back, then imagine all the other ways he will let you down.

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Summertime schedules, beautiful weather, and all of those delicious fruits and veggies make summer seem like a great time to get into shape.

Then fall hits, the mornings get darker, the weather turns cooler, and suddenly you’re off track and feeling less motivated.

But, you don’t have to watch your motivation and goals slip away from you just because you’ve packed up your bathing suit. With a change of focus and a change of routine, you can stay pumped and stay on track all the way to the holidays
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Here are three simple steps to help you carry that summertime motivation all the way through the fall.

Refocus Your Fitness Routine

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that cooler weather or a busy school year schedule means you can’t work out the way you did all summer. A change of focus and mindset is all you need to adapt your fitness routine and keep making progress. It can even give your motivation levels an extra boost by freshening things up.

You don’t have to force yourself to trudge along on the treadmill or take an indoor class because the temperatures have fallen. Fall is a great time to walk or run in the park, go hiking, kayaking, or ride bikes with the kids.

You can swim laps in an indoor pool all year round, try a fun, new dance class to replace your evening walk, or start my free IdealShape for life challenge!

Adapt your routine to the weather, instead of letting the weather be an excuse.

Adapt Your Diet to the Season

It seems so much easier to eat healthfully in the summer, but fall isn’t called harvest time for nothing.

Here are my top tips adapting your diet for the season:

There are many wonderful, fresh foods that are at their best in the cooler months. Adopt a new routine of going to the farmer’s market and breathe some fresh life into your diet.

If lazy summer days have become chaotic autumn routines, plan ahead to ensure you still have time to eat healthy. Eat a delicious IdealShake in the morning and drink it while you’re packing the kids lunches or running them to school.

Cook several meals on the weekend to heat and eat on busy work nights. Take the guesswork (and much of the legwork) out of meal times by following a plan, like our done-for-you IdealPlan.

Create New Goals and Rewards

For many women, that new bathing suit or beach vacation is all the motivation they need to work out and eat right. Now that fall is here, you need to set new goals and new rewards.

Try breaking your big goals into small ones, like losing two pounds, adding an extra mile to your evening walk or going down another pant size.

Set up small rewards for these goals, like a subscription to a favorite fitness magazine, a date night with your spouse, or a massage. Take you knowledge about health, fitness, and weight loss one step further and read all we have to offer here on the blog!

Don’t forget to hang some big carrots in front of you now that your summer beach vacation or class reunion are behind you. Looking great for your holiday visit with the family, a new winter wardrobe, a scheduled ski vacation, or winter cruise can all help you keep motivated and eager to stay on track.

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