Tips to Save Your Money for Bigger and Better Things. RI Christmas Trees
The key is to choose items that will fit in with the rest of your décor and that will be ‘you’. These need to be things that enhance the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself.When you manage all this, you’ll be able to build a home that feels that much more amazing while still being authentic to you. People will come away feeling incredibly envious that you have your own office pod in the garden, your own recording studio, or such an amazing water feature… Maybe a glorious chandelier. Or what about a pool in the garden with a bar in the middle? Again: this is only minimal because you’re cutting back on everything else. But that’s also why it’s possible. And it works because it supports the lifestyle you want and the priorities you’ve set for yourself.But what they won’t realize is that you never spent more than them – in fact you spent less. That one key feature speaks volumes because there is less clutter around to detract from it. And you afforded it by spending less on the things you didn’t need – and by selling off your other large items.This is about having a vision once again. It’s about knowing what that thing you want is and building toward it so that you can get there and make it a reality. Once you know that all you really want is a home spa, you can start cutting back everywhere else. Remember to Stay You and Stay Creative! And notice something else about these stunning examples: they are unique. Often it’s not about spending the most money that you possibly can but by having a home that will be completely unique in some way and show guests something they haven’t seen before.