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About the Author Paul O'Mahony is a Social Media Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, and Public Speaker specialising in Digital Marketing, Mindset and Wealth Management. He has been a columnist for the Sunday Independent and Examiner newspapers. With nine years of experience working for a US multinational corporation, Paul set up his first company in 2010. This company was formed after having phenomenal individual success in generating income from a variety of social networks. For example, he made his first two online sales on only his second day attempting to sell using Twitter and built up 30,000 followers in just one month (@Paulomahony). Paul is a highly sought after international speaker as his unique insights into mindset and social media digital marketing allow him to provide a perspective that provides outstanding clarity for his audiences with clear actionable take-aways. Paul will teach you cutting edge techniques in mastering Social Media to optimise how you or your business can make the absolute most out of the Social Media phenomenon. About the Book Rethink Social Media shows you that regardless of your experience, you can be making money on Social Media. Discover how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to access billions of people every single day. Generate thousands of followers and learn the cutting edge techniques to mastering Social Media and create a job replacing income! In this book you'll learn the proven systems and processes to making money online, all you have to do connect people. Rather than being the target of marketing messages 24 hours a hour, 7 days a week, you could instead be making money and changing your life, all through harnessing the power of Social Media. Imagine logging into Facebook in the morning to find out how much money it made you last night...How much better would that make your social media "experience"? Stop wasting time. Start earning money. Now is the time to RETHINK Social Media!