Passively Review RI Christmas Trees
Many thanks for checking out my Passively Review

Passively is a course by Brendan Mace, Dalton Scott and Neil Napier which roll-outs on the 5th November at 9am EST.

Inside the course there are 21 Video's each between 5 and 12mins long presented by Neil Napier. Neil is a 6 figure earner who's a master in funnel design. Inside Passivly, Neil reviels his secrets to his passive income streams by developing short reccuring income products.

Every one of neils products brings him in a passive $350 each day.

Neil demonstrate how to find out what kind of product to generate and how it needs to be delivered. He also talks about the various metrics involved including LTV and CPT.

You will find a whole area of the course focused on traffic be it paid traffic using facebook ads and also free facebook traffic from groups. He shows you how to target correctly and scale up the campaigns to obtain the most out of your ad budget.

I liked Passivly and it's obvious that a lot of work has been put into this program by all who were involved.

I do however believe that this program is NOT really for newbies as the methods discussed here are really quite sophisticated
I hope you got some value from my passively review