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Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong 1st and 2nd 64 Movements - Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang

In this video: Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang demonstrates Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong - the First 64 Movements and the Second 64 Movements with Simon Blow.
Simon Blow Qigong Website: http://www.simonblowqigong.com

Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong is an ancient cultivation practice dating back to the Jin Dynasty about 1700 years ago. The 1st 64 movement set deals primary with the ‘post-natal body’ the movements represent the daily activities of the Goose as exercises its body in its local environment and gains e
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ssence from the food, water and air.

Simon Blow is an initiated student of the 28th lineage holder Grand Master Chen Chuan Gang and 29th Generation of the Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong.
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