Facebook has removed the ‘Trending’ section from its platform, first introduced in 2014, saying it has become less useful.
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Justin Timberlake has created a new flavor for Bai Brands called Tennessee Braspberry Supertea.
The new flavor is a play on a viral video in which Timberlake stuck a blueberry inside a raspberry. 
Timberlake is an investor in Bai, a swiftly growing flavored-water brand acquired by Dr Pepper Snapple in 2016. 


Justin Timberlake is giving another boost to Bai Brands, one of the fastest-growing flavored-water brands in the US.See
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the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Take a look inside this avocado-only restaurant
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One of the most important decisions you'll need to make when you start investing is whether or not you want to be an active investor or a passive one. There are definite pros and cons for each investment style and as you can imagine, both camps feel passionately about their investment choice. So here are a few things for you to consider when you're deciding between active vs passive investing.

Obviously, the first thing you will need to know is the difference between the two investment styles. Active investment is used by
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people who invest in the stock market. They will monitor various aspects of the market and buy and sell stocks on a fairly regular basis. The idea is to make more money more quickly and to be able to react to the markets natural volatility.

Passive investing is more about a long term, buy and hold approach and is usually done by investing in IRAs, Mutual Funds, and Bonds. This is the approach many people will use when it comes to saving for retirement or for college. For the most part you can expect to make the same amount of return on your investments as the market makes.

For example, if you want to calculate the amount of money you will earn on a given investment you can just look at the averages of what a certain market has made over the last few years. You will likely get a similar return on your investment.

Many people who believe in active investing styles believe they can get better results than the markets get, which is the biggest reason they will follow this investing philosophy. However, they do incur more risks along the way also.

For the most part, an active investor will be a little more hands on and do-it-yourself and for this reason there is definitely a learning curve. You can't just jump in and start buying up stocks without having some insight as to the best method of picking stocks to invest in. Remember, you're not buying a 'stock' per se, you're buying stock in a company. The amount of money you're likely to make on any given investment is directly tied to how well the company performs. While you will never have any guarantees you can do a little research into the company and it's management as well as past performance to get a better idea of their potential.

When you go with a more passive approach to investing you will, to a large degree, be handing your money over to someone who will manage your funds for you. They should have the expertise to pick the best possible investments for you. If you choose this method it's still very important for you to carefully pick the person who will be investing your money. Remember, most of them get paid a commission when they make a trade and they will get paid whether or not they actually make any money for you. You should still be involved if you choose this method.

The most important thing you can do for your financial future is to carefully weigh all the pros and cons when it comes to active vs passive investing. Both have their good points and there bad points and for the most part it depends on you and your long term goals as to which method is best for you.
Stock up on All laundry detergent for $1.99 this week at Walgreens! We see this deal on All regularly at Walgreens, and now is a great time to add to your stockpile.

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Never date someone with a soft heart because they are not sure how to love halfway. They will not play it cool with you. They will not wait an hour to answer your texts. They will express their feelings without restraint. They will compliment you and ask you over to their place — and at first, you won’t know how to handle such straightforward affection because you are used to messy mixed signals.

Never date someone with a soft heart because you will have to put in effort in order to keep them. Yo
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u will have to reorganize your priorities to place them at the top. You will have to make a commitment to them, because they are not interested in summer flings or almost relationships that never become the real thing.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they are going to make you wonder whether you wasted half of your life. You are going to realize the relationships you were apart of in the past were nothing compared to this new love you have discovered. You are going to decide that you never knew what intimacy was, not really, until you met them.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they will challenge you to look at yourself in a new light. You will have to stop acting so pessimistic. You will have to stop considering yourself unworthy of love. You will have to rethink your world view because your person will not let you continue thinking so low of yourself. They will encourage you to practice self-care and self-love. They will not stop until you see yourself the way they have always seen you.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they will get glued to your mind. You will not be able to stop thinking about them. They will become the highlight of your day. You will look forward to every second spent with them. You will miss them after only spending minutes apart.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they are not going to give up on you easily. They are fighters. If you hurt them, they will want to understand why. If you have a disagreement, they will want to come to a compromise. They will not want to let you go after one small inconvenience. They will want to hold onto you — as long as you are worth it.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they will not be forgotten easily. It will be difficult for you to walk away from them. You will grow attached quickly because they will treat you differently than anyone else has before.

Never date someone with a soft heart because they are going to change your entire world. They will inspire you to become a better person, just by spending time with you. You will end up working harder in the hopes of accomplishing as much as they do in a day. You will end up pushing yourself further than you believed you were capable of reaching.

Never date someone with a soft heart — unless you are ready to commit. Unless you are ready to love without abandon. Unless you are ready to put all of your effort into the most thrilling relationship of your life.

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On April 27th, a South Carolinian woman was pulled to the side of the road by police in Virginia. Dawn H. W. immediately went live on Facebook after the incident, sharing her experience through tears. “I was just bullied by a racist cop, who threatened to pull me out of the car,” she said about her encounter with the officer, “I was going 70 mph in a 65 zone”. In her 11-minute video, Dawn stressed how traumatic it felt, and how she feared being shot, tasere
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d or “Sandra Blanded”. As well as detailing the encounter, the woman mentioned that she “did a lot of protesting, a lot of fighting in her day, so things like that wouldn’t happen”.

After the video went viral, Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts received a flood of angry calls from concerned people. He reviewed the officer’s body cam footage and determined that his deputy did nothing wrong during the encounter with Dawn H. W. “I don’t know what she has been through and I don’t know her life history, what I worry about is this kind of thing will inflame situations where you see cops in other states have been executed while they were just eating lunch,” the sheriff told WTVR.

The officer’s body cam recording was then released to the public and it became clear that he acted in a professional manner. In the video, the deputy clarified that the reason he stopped her wasn’t racial profiling, as Dawn H. W. had claimed, but the fact that she was going at 70mph when the speed limit was 55mph. He then gave her a ticket and wished her a safe day. Scroll down below to watch the video and see how the deputy handled the situation.


This person right here is Dawn H.W.

On April 27 she was pulled to the side of the road by police in Virginia

After the encounter she went live on Facebook stating that “she was just bullied by a racist cop”

Watch the video below to see what Dawn went through

After the video went viral, Brunswick County Sheriff Brian Roberts received many angry calls

He reviewed the officer’s body cam footage and determined that his deputy was being wrongfully accused

The woman was pulled over because she was going 70mph where the speed limit was 55mph

The officer acted professionally and it became obvious that the woman was lying

Watch the video below to see how the deputy handled the situation

People on the internet were quick to express their opinions on the matter

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