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Following the success of MY WAY and MY WAY TOO, much appreciated by indie authors all over the world for my book marketing tips, (you can check out the many 4/5* reviews, over 85 of them on Amazon) I’ve decided to continue with the series. It came to me when one morning as I was lying in bed, and now I’m delighted to present my third MY WAY marketing book, MY WAY FREE. Free I hear you say! Yes! It will be FREE for as long as I live! How charitable of me you may think, then again you may not, but as it's only a few thousand words, I can't expect anyone to pay for it.

However, as Amazon do not have books permanently available for FREE, you have two choices. Either you can pay just shy of a pound or a dollar to download it here, or better still you can visit my new website where you can download the eBook for FREE. So if that is your preferred option, and I do hope it will be, then please visit, where you will find MY WAY FREE, plus my other books, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, MY WAY, MY WAY TOO and FIVE WEEKS, together with a range of books available to read from some very talented authors from around the world. It's books all the way.

I hope once you have downloaded MY WAY FREE, you will enjoy my thoughts about TRENDING on TWITTER and I sincerely hope you will pick up more ideas about how to promote and market your own books! You will read about how I use trends on Twitter within my tweets about my books or just tweet about the trends to try to be amusing and fun, the reason? To gain interaction, new followers, new fans of my books, new sales and those all important book reviews. So take a look inside and let me know what you think, let me know on Twitter, why not become one of my 28,500 plus followers and I'll also follow back, so connect with me @davepperlmutter and let’s interact.

If you like this book, you may like to read the first chapter for FREE of my other marketing books, MY WAY and MY WAY TOO! Plus read a chapter or two for FREE of my other books, WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME a true story and a #1 best-seller in TRUE CRIME in America and Australia and #1 in BIOGRAPHY in the UK with over 290 x 5* reviews and my other true story, FIVE WEEKS, which is about my visit America, including New York and where unfortunately I was nearly left for dead in a Pennsylvania wood.