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In a time where endless amounts of information on Self-Help is accessible, sometimes the hardest part of getting "Unstuck" is the simple but not so simple act of getting started. I Am Not A Blogger is the perfect testament of saying, Enough is Enough, I'm starting NOW.

Hip Hop Artist, Broadway Blake gives a very introspective look into the difficulties he faced with starting his journey as a writer, through a 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Blake, speaks on how Discipline, Cold Showers, A 3 Day Water Fast, and how Remembering his WHY helped him make it through the challenge successfully.

I Am Not A Blogger is a Journey many relate to. The daily battle of Peace of Mind vs Living With Regrets. Purpose vs Passion vs Responsibility. Happiness vs Comfort. Do we live our lives the way the world has taught us? Or do we create our own world that provides us with Infinite Bliss?

I Am Not A Blogger shows that, with a little bit of discipline and faith, you can build the mental endurance to change your life forever.