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Are you happy in your day job but feel a sense of unfulfilment? Or perhaps you're in full-time study but want to nurture your entrepreneurial flair? Maybe you want to use your spare time to pursue your passions or make a difference. Or maybe you simply need a second income to bolster your pay cheque!

There are many reasons you might want to start a side hustle alongside your full-time work or studies. But it can be difficult to know where to begin - and how to fit yet another priority into your already packed schedule. This ebook, complete with exercises and real life case studies, will help you to:

- understand what a side hustle is and whether it's for you
- connect with your passions and purpose to create ideas for your side hustle, and check their feasibility
- define how you can work on your side hustle without affecting your other priorities, including your wellbeing
- gain the confidence to start your side hustle!

So download your copy now, grab your favourite notebook, find a private space and get comfortable - it's time to start living that #sidehustle life!