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I believe it will eventually become the largest marketplace in the world.
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Amazon is not only the biggest retailer online, it is now the biggest retailer in the world.

One of the reasons for this is they\'ve opened their doors to the public, allowing anyone to sell or affiliate market a product of their choosing.

And then there\'s Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing, where anyone with an idea could write a eBook about it, throw it up in Kindle store and profit from it.

If you\'ve been thinking of a way to make money online, selling eBooks on Amazon is an excellent place to start. Not only is it very easy (all you really need is a word processor like Microsoft Word), it\'s very cheap, even if you choose to outsource.

But if you choose not to go the outsource route and do it all yourself, you could potentially get your book on Amazon and make money without spending one single cent!

(Though you would have to be really good at Word and Photoshop)

Before you do anything you need to ask yourself some important questions:

Why do you want to write and publish an eBook?
Do you have an incredible, life-changing idea?
Who is your target audience?
What will they learn from my eBook?
What does my eBook offer that ones on the same topic do not?
Once you figure that out, and what your eBook will be about, it is now time to start writing!

But wait, we missed a step.

First, head over to Amazon\'s Kindle Direct Publishing section to sign up for an account. This is a very basic and simple step, but necessary for self-publishing on Amazon.

Also, market research is very important before writing your eBook. Luckily, Amazon does most of the research for you. All you do is head over to their Kindle store and look up books similar to what you want to write.

If there\'s simply too many books already available in that area, IE; weight loss, which is always a competitive market, it would be best to reconsider and choose a different topic, or a different niche within that topic.

Like I said, market research is easy to do on Amazon, just surf around the Kindle store to see how books similar to yours are doing. You can even preview a book to look at the table of contents, which could give you further insight into how to expand on a specific area in whatever topic you chose.

For example if you want to write about weight loss, maybe you can write an eBook geared toward a specific age group. Like \"Weight loss for the elderly\" or \"Easy Weight Loss Tips for teens.\"

So you\'ve picked your topic, now it is time to start writing.

But what if you are having trouble coming up with writing the content?

Simple. If you have the money to spare, outsourcing is an excellent source for quality content. Many of the more successful online businesses outsource everything.

After you gain some success you may find yourself doing the same, even to the point where all your content is as 100% outsourced and you\'re still making a solid profit! You can even outsource the formatting, which can become tedious using a word processor.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some other important points to remember when actually writing the eBook:

Have a Table of Contents.
Insert a page break after each chapter to eliminate white space so your reader can scroll to the next page. (To insert a page break go to \"Insert\" at the top menu bar, then find \"Page Break\").
Do not use headers, footers, or fancy fonts; it will not translate on the Kindle as they have their own standard fonts.
Bold, italicize, and headings translate well.
Images are okay and should be inserted as.JPGs.
And above all else, make sure you have a professional cover page, no one will buy an eBook with a cover that looks like it was slapped together in Paint.

So you\'ve just finished writing (or outsourcing) you eBook. Congratulations if you made it this far! Take a moment to relish in your accomplishment.

Now it\'s time to decide how much to charge. You\'d think charging more would make you more money in the long run, it just seems like simple math right?

No, not really. Charging more is not always the best strategy.

Just look at John Locke, who is the first writer to sell a million eBooks on Amazon. And he did by charging as low 99 cents for his eBooks. He even has a best-selling eBook about how he sold this many eBooks!

So think take a page from the book of one Amazon\'s best selling authors: price your book reasonably.

Before you do that, ask yourself these questions:

Who am I selling to?
What makes it better than my competitors?
What real value does it offer?
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