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How To Make Money Online In 2016 - $1000 - $2000 PER DAY

1. Blogging

Blogging has taken the online world by storm and anyone has the opportunity to be a publisher on this platform. It\'s possible to publish a blog on any content that you can think of. Here are some figures from WordPress.com:

· 77 million WordPress sites worldwide

· 13.1 billion blog pages

· 409 million monthly readers

· 38.7 million new post each month

· 50 million comments monthly

With numbers like this you can see how a blog site can launch you to phenomenal success. Giving you the opportunity to launch all your passive income streams from one hub. A blog gives you the opportunity to brand yourself and develop an online presence, it\'s your gateway for driving targeted traffic to your online passive income opportunities.

2. Internet publisher

In 2015 approximately $135 billion were invested by business owners and marketing teams to create new digital marketing platforms to promote their brands, products or services. One media source reported that 25% of all the advertising market was using this platform. 73% of businesses polled planned on increasing their advertising budget for Google AdWords.

Different advertising platforms are:

· Google ad words 73%

· Bing ads 55%

· display networks 52%

· Facebook 52%

· LinkedIn 26%

· Twitter 24%

· smaller social networks 18%

By becoming a publisher on these platforms you can earn a lucrative passive income. By getting targeted prospects to click and take action on the ads posted on websites, blogs, review sites, landing pages, splash pages and other online channels you can generate a sizable passive income stream. The more traffic you target will generate a higher potential for getting better click-through with your ads. Helping you to sell any kind of product or service generating passive income for you. With this type of advertising it\'s imperative that you develop targeted advertising skills for keywords in the niche that you\'re trying to work with.

3. Affiliate marketing

Last year $14.94 billion were registered in the affiliate marketing industry, showing that this is a very lucrative source for passive income. By using affiliate networks like ClickBank, Click promise, Commission junction or other affiliate marketing sources you will be able to earn commissions anywhere from 5% to as much as 90% selling other people\'s products. Also you have the ability to generate even more revenue by creating and marketing your own products through these affiliate networks. The most important factor to success is driving highly targeted audience to your affiliate landing pages or sales pages that you have registered with. And this should always be done with your own targeted funnel system beginning with landing pages you\'ve designed to collect data before sending prospects to the affiliate landing page. Or you can use other digital marketing tools to drive traffic to your affiliate link utilizing blogging or social media like Facebook or Twitter.

4. Amazon

These days Amazon e-books have outpaced traditional publishing company and account for up to 20% of the total Internet traffic. As an Amazon associate you can leverage on this traffic and earn passive income. If you have a website or a blog that talks about a certain product or category niche you can earn from the volume based fixed advertising rates Amazon Associates offer for products sold through a certain category. Working with Amazon is a fairly simple process and they will help you set up your business through their system.

5. Freelancing

Another way to earn a lucrative income online is by providing freelancing services today there is an estimated 20% to 33% volume of independent workers out of the total size of the workforce in the United States. And organizations are planning to increase their dependence on freelancers, last year alone there was almost a 50% increase in freelancers hired. And the pay is getting better for freelancers as well, increasing by 37% year on year. There is a wide variety of skills and expertise needed for freelancers. Some of the highest rated skills that are being outsourced by employers to freelancers today are:

· IT and programming

· design and multimedia

· writing in translation

· and smaller niche markets

So if you\'re interested in freelancing this could be a lucrative passive income stream for you.
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