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The banana diet does not require significant changes in your food habits. Having banana regularly in the morning can reduce up to 10 pounds of weight within a week, and that is the reason the diet plan, “The morning banana diet regimen” by Hitoshi Watanabe, has become very popular.

The banana diet plan is an excellent practical solution for individuals looking for how to lose weight fast and easy. The idea is simple, you just need to consume bananas in the morning and drink water in between, and you can eat anything throughout the day.

Hitoshi Watanabe decided to write about his weight loss experiments with the help of his friend Sumiko, who is a qualified pharmaceutical expert having enough knowledge in preventive medicines.

They jointly developed the fantastic ‘Early Morning Banana Diet Plan,’ and start advising people who are reluctant to work out plans.

Though obese people should have to work out and sweat, Watanabe advised them to have a fresh banana in the morning instead of abusing their body and drink at least one glass of water and skip eating in between until lunch.

Bananas have enough ‘good carbohydrates’ which are ‘resistant starch’ support weight loss plan. Not all starch work against weight gain. In carbs, you can find digestible and immune starch. Immune starch moves to the large intestine without subjecting any important treatment in the small intestine and undergoes fermentation.

* Select type of banana for the morning diet

Watanabe doesn\'t recommend any particular banana types. You can just have anything that can keep you full. But remember, it is better not full your stomach, but keep it 80/20 diet plan.

When you practice Early Morning Banana Diet Plan, start your day with a glass of warm water and wait for one hour to have a banana. The warm water will streamline your metabolism. After having one banana, if you still feel hungry have one more after 20 minutes. You should only have a raw banana that is the vital part of the plan.

Watanabe in his book advice people not to have milk or alcoholic beverages when practicing the diet plan. Also, it is imperative to have your last meal at 8 pm and you must sleep by midnight. Late night sleep will be a reason for obese, as per scientific findings.

There is no food restriction for lunch and dinner. If you feel hungry between the meals, eat one banana or any fruit.

* What is so much in banana diet plan?

• It regulates blood sugar and food cravings because you don’t have coffee in the morning.
• It is very healthy.
• The diet plan restricts people consuming food after 8 pm, which put a tag on weight gain.
• Bananas have enough resistant starch, potassium, and fiber.
• Regulate alcohol consumption.
• Bananas are inexpensive.
• The plan helps to improve your metabolism and regulate frequent eating.
• A glass of warm water increases the metabolism.
• Reduce production of cellulite.

The banana diet plan is a practical solution for people, who are looking for how to lose weight fast and easy.

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