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Brad Pilon is the author of Eat Stop Eat, and one of the top experts on the science of fasting, including the widely misunderstood protocol of intermittent fasting. Brad has a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nutrition, and years of experience in the supplement industry as a Research Analyst and Development Manager. His personal blog, Eat Blog Eat, is a valuable resource for the research on fasting and information for how to optimize and troubleshoot fasting diet protocols, and his workout programs and books are designed to educate people on the truth about how to utilize fasting to achieve the results they want.

What makes Eat Stop Eat style Intermittent Fasting different?

Well, it’s designed so you can fast for 24 hours once or twice a week, while still never going a day without eating.

Eat Stop Eat is also about just being flexible in general.

And the real benefit of Eat Stop Eat is being able to eat that Cinnabon or chocolate chip cookie Guilt Free.

With the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle we fast so we can enjoy our foods when we do eat.

This is SUPER important:

With Eat Stop Eat here is no mandate to stop eating the foods you love, to clean out your kitchen or to never eat carbs or fat again.

There is no need for cheat days or binge days. In fact Eat Stop Eat does not involve binging, guilty feeling about food, or using fasting as a form of punishment.

And here’s a really cook thing about fasting – Many people report that food actually tastes BETTER after a fast!

Now that’s a win!

Of all the different ways in which you can fast I believe Eat Stop Eat takes the best advantage of the “intermittent” part of intermittent fasting.

Eat Stop Eat has been set up to be a form of intermittent fasting that is adaptable to almost any lifestyle.

It is highly adaptable aspects of Eat Stop Eat the allow people to use Eat Stop Eat to lose weight, and it’s what allows them to keep the weight off for years afterwards. You can see some intermittent fasting results on this page.

And you don’t worry if you can’t fast for 24 hours every time.

There is still a benefit to fasting for 16 hours, just as there is no real harm in fasting for 30 hours.

The point is, as long as you’re fasting intermittently while keeping your lifestyle flexible, you’re doing Eat Stop Eat.

Think along the lines of using Eat Stop Eat as a LONG TERM strategy to get lean quickly, and as a way to STAY lean.

By using flexible intermittent fasting diet like Eat Stop Eat you basically take advantage of a “metabolic loophole”.

Lose fat, keep muscle, all while doing nothing – it doesn’t get much easier that this!

No cooking, no eating, no worrying about what you eat or when you’re going to eat.

In exchange you spend a little time lifting weights and trying to be somewhat responsible on the days that you are eating.

That’s it. That’s the trade off. Some weight training, some occasional breaks from eating and a whole bunch of fat loss.


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