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The 14 Day Perfect Booty Review: 14 Day Perfect Booty is a fitness training program that promises to give any woman the “firmest, most attractive butt ever” without long, painful workouts or harmful skin creams. Here’s our review.

What is 14 Day Perfect Booty?

14 Day Perfect Booty promises to eliminate cellulite from your butt and help you tone and firm the region to give yourself the best booty of your life.

The program was put together by a fitness magazine cover model and “one of the top fitness competitors in the world”, Alli Kerr. Kerr claims that she had butt problems her entire life. Eventually, she stumbled upon a series of specific exercises that reduced cellulite from her butt and helped her build tone.

Today, Alli wants to share those fitness routines with the world in the form of 14 Day Perfect Booty. By following the lessons in 14 Day Perfect Booty you can eliminate “Saggy Butt Syndrome”.

How Does 14 Day Perfect Booty Work?

14 Day Perfect Booty claims that saggy butt syndrome occurs when the main muscles in your glutes, lower back, and upper thigh muscles are too tight to activate or too weak to support the region.

Many women have a combination problem where the muscles are too tight and too weak. 14 Day Perfect Booty specifically mentions the erector spinae, which consists of the Iliocostalis, Longissimus, and Spinalis.

Each muscle column runs parallel on either outer side of the vertebra and extends from the lower back of the skull all the way down to the pelvis and hips. The 14 Day Perfect Booty Review

By supporting these muscles – and others in the region – with targeted exercises, you can cure your saggy butt syndrome and support your booty.

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